​Hi, this is ​Okoli Chudy and I want to say thank you for requesting for a copy of my book where I explained the fundamental principles to put into practice when considering to do business in Nigeria.

I also shared some little-known business niches that can give you crazy profits this year.

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But before you rush over to your email box, I want to quickly ask you a question.

​Would You Like To Know The 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Selling on Social Media?

Here is the gist:

Do you want to make profitable sales through the internet?

Are you tired of the countless coaching courses and books on how to sell on the internet that never amount to anything tangible?

Are you willing to do all it takes, once and for all, to start making real money from the internet?

It does not matter if you sell physical or digital products, once you follow the secret I will show you, you will achieve the same result I and my friends have achieved.

The Truth is…

The number of internet marketers are on the increase and in all honesty, if you are one of them there is a tendency that you are simply wasting your money.

When your ads do not convert or you do not make as much sales to break even, you get frustrated.

You then start to wonder if all the positive claims about selling through social media touted by some gurus are true or just mere stunts.

Every business exists to make profit and nothing could be more annoying than wasting your hard-earned money on Facebook and Google yet getting little to nothing in return.

I started selling online 4 years ago.

​Since then, one of the main questions people have been asking me has been; "Chudy, how do I make profitable sales on the internet?"

Notice, these people are not concerned with making sales alone, but making sales enough to become profitable.

People want to know if there is a way out and if they too can do it and be as successful.

Now if you have been having poor returns on your online efforts, here are five mistakes you are probably making:

  1. You treat your businesses as a hobby. So you have refused to think like an entrepreneur.

If you would make money online, whether as a side hustle or as a main business, you must take it seriously.

The internet takes serious those who take it serious. Quote me anywhere.

 2. You do not know how to create a "Tribe" online and turn it into a raving market.

Many people do not apply the KLT secret.

For you to make money from the internet, people must come to Know you, Like you and Trust you.

​This often happens when you have been able to congregate people around your brand as a tribe.

​3. You sell products that are not distinguishable or that are easy to find elsewhere.

To succeed online at a fast rate, you must be given to research. 

Research adequately done would enable you come up with a product that is not easily found down the street.

For example, why should I buy a handkerchief from you when that is a very common commodity?

So many entrepreneurs complain of low sales because nothing is special about their products or they do not know how to market the special features that their products possess.

​ 4. Poor customer relationship skill.

We all want to be treated with dignity and respect.

Human beings have a way of sniffing out disrespect and dishonesty even when it is not so apparent.

​Treating your customers right at all times is one of the most vital keys to online success especially when customers can desert you with one "touch" of the "back" key on their phones.

 5. You do not focus on one business and make it your forte.

This is a challenge most people do not understand. You cannot do many things at the same time and market it to the same audience.

You will end up confusing your market. Do not make it difficult for your audience to identify you with a particular niche.

Now here is the good part of this piece…

You do not need to go on doing trial and error with your money. If you follow our tested and trusted methods, you will get the results we have gotten.

What if I can show you a secret that will equip you to...

  • Research and identify hot-selling niches and products
  •  Find a distinguishable and yet marketable feature for your already existing product?
  • Teach you how to create a tribe of people who would Know you, Like you and Trust you instantly on social media?
  • Give you access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with like minds and learn on the go?

And many more…

That is something you’d interested in right?

If yes, then I have something for you.

Introducing to you the

Mastering the Art of Sales through the Social Media Course.

This is a 3-day online boot camp strategically created to help you make 50k in profit monthly at the very least.

P.S: This course is designed to help you achieve all of the above and much more.

It is rich in value and diverse in content as  I would not be the only instructor this time around.

You will have the opportunity to pick the brains of some of Nigeria’s best and most sought-after entrepreneurs who have made fortunes from the internet. (Google their names).

​How ​much is the registration fee...

​Currently, you have to pay N10,000 to access the courses instead of the regular N15,000

How to pay...

​1. Use Paystack link, or

2. Make a transfer to


Fidelity bank

Zero Hub

Then send evidence of payment on Whatsapp to...


Sucex Bright- Entrepreneur and founder, African Youths Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summit.

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Mercy Ezeike- Former COO, Micro Money and CRM Advocate

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