Tired of Spending Your Hard-earned Money on Useless Courses & eBooks with Nothing to Show for it?

Discover How I Make At least N100k Every Month in Nigeria Despite the Lockdown in 2020…

And the good aspect?

Anyone can do it”

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One of the saddest experiences is to complete a course you paid for or walk majestically out of a business conference in high spirit and with full confidence to conquer the world, only to have your enthusiasm fizzle out before your eyes just few weeks down the line.

In some cases, it’s just that the information is not practical enough to address your problems. In some other cases, the tutor or author is so out of tune with our peculiar realities that you are confused afterwards.

Have you been there? Well, I’ve been there actually. Countless times too.

Are you a Nigerian making genuine efforts to increase your income, yet it seems nothing is working?

Are you a student, unemployed, under-employed, single or sit-at-home mum/dad, or whoever you are? It does not matter. Are you willing to change that ugly story by putting learning what works in the Nigerian context?

Then, I wrote this book specially for you.

You will find this book extremely helpful because it shows you what businesses to do and how to go about it in Nigeria. In fact, to prove how real I am and how certain I am that the book would help you immensely, I carefully placed my contact in the book so that I can offer you FREE coaching lessons while you learn the ropes.

This book will cost you just NGN 1000 and will take you approximately 1 hour to read, even if you are a slow reader like me. It was written by a Nigerian to Nigerians and therefore captures our realities perfectly.

The language is simple and relatable and the principles are easy to practice. So you completely have nothing to be worried about.

YES, I need A Copy

In this book, I took you on a personal journey on the principles you must obey, if you want to make money as a Nigerian, in the Nigerian market.

I also specifically gave you examples of hot lucrative niches with large markets you can explore from your home, in transit and even on vacation, with the help of your phone or laptop, even if you are already doing other jobs or have no job yet.

The guarantee I give you is this: if this book does not help you improve your finances if you do what it says you should, within the next 30 days, kindly ask for your full refund- my contact is in the book. It’s as simple as that. 100%.

So if you can spare some 10 minutes to read on, then you are onto changing your financial life entirely with just NGN 1000.

I know we all have had that moment when our income isn’t sufficient enough to cater for our basic needs and then some extra, like vacations to choice locations across the world or nation, investments and fun.

Truth is, I was there. I was not born with a silver spoon.

See, it does not matter what you earn currently or if you are currently in your dream job, once you are broke, nothing else seems to matter again. The discomfort is palpable.

Sadly, you can go broke even when you earn well.

You know, going on vacations, driving the car of your choice or even getting the best school for yourself or your kids looks like luxury in Nigeria, right? Yes, it is so because things are really hard in this country thanks to poor economic policies that’s led to inflation and loss of value for the Naira and the covid-19 pandemic.

Now it usually gets frustrating if you have tried to improve your earnings by buying self-help, finance and business books, attended seminars and yet you are still broke.

You might have even tried out several businesses and investments during the course of the year but they didn’t fly. You see, you’re frustrated truly, and I know it because I was there.

That is why I wrote this amazing book, referred to as ‘The Business Bible’ by many readers.

You are beginning to consider if this is the handiwork of your village people, blaming it on the pandemic. But even in this very pandemic, guys dey ball, dey cash out doing legit biz.

My friend, what you lack is functional information that will point you into the direction of where the money is. It’s not enough to know that there’s money in something. The most important thing is to know how to position yourself to make the most money from the market.

And Yes, that is what the book is specifically written to address. Written by someone who is experienced in the game and who made over 100k monthly doing exactly what I wrote in the book.

I want to download a copy

Deep down, you are tired of the numerous excuses and complaints you use to cover up. You just want more.

Imagine yourself different in 2021, equipped with the secrets I and my friends used this year to earn 6-figures monthly.

Imagine being able to earn enough to not only settle your basic debts, but have more for fun and investments.

Imagine spending NGN 1000 for a life-changing book and still have the author available to guide you along the way. That’s 100% unheard of.

Does that sound nice to you? If it does, then The Business Bible shares practical insight on exactly how to.

You might be asking what right I have to write this book, right? How do I know these?

Well, I used to be a member of the broke people’s assembly. The good news is, I resigned my membership a long time ago.

I have been broke. Not once, not twice. Several times. I know what it feels like to be broke, to constantly find oneself on the other side of the financial fence.

The worst feeling is not even going broke, but the inability to generate cash on the go, from wherever you are, at any time, even if it’s 50k.

These days, I sit in the comfort of my home and receive alerts from people buying my products online, registering for my courses or downloading my ebooks.

I have detailed for you how to do it exactly the way my friends and I did it over the year, without you breaking the bank.

Oh no, that’s not even what I do daily- among other things, I also run a farm too.

How did I go from being broke to teaching people how not to be broke?

In trying to survive, I read a lot of books from renowned authors, submitted myself to be mentored and then hit the streets to practice what I learnt.

The shocking thing is that most books by renowned authors usually fail to address the peculiar challenges of the business markets for emerging economies like Nigeria.

You go read finish you no go know how to apply am for real life.

But in the book, ‘Print Money from Home’, I addressed your peculiar needs knowing fully well that you want to make money in Nigeria. That’s important because it equips you better.

Are you still doubtful if this book is really worth spending just N1000 on?

At the launch of this book back in August this year, over 250 copies were downloaded within 24 hours. It has sold a lot more copies since that time. The original price is NGN 5000.

But you will get it at a promo price of NGN1,000 ONLY if you are deciding and making the purchase NOW. Otherwise, the price reverts back to the original NGN5,000.

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