The High ROI Business Most Nigerians Don't Know About

by Okoli Gabriel Chukwudi​

​Onitsha | Feb 10, 2021

Sometime in late 2020, I made an astounding discovery about a profitable business that many Nigerians are not fully aware of.

This discovery came while I was hanging out with my friend on his friend’s birthday celebration.

We got to an exclusive bar to give ourselves a treat and I noticed that the entire street was lined with different bars, adjacent to each other and selling the same stuff; drinks, meat, and barbecue fish.

The fish barbecue was probably the most prominent item sold and it drew my attention.

 I was curious to know why an entire street was dedicated to the sale of this one product.

The full story...

On observing some more, I discovered that more than 3 bars within my eyeshot had names on their signposts like; Fish King, Fish Meal, or some other Fish- leaning name etc. 

From the names it became obvious that the major product was the Fish Barbecue, every other product sold alongside it was merely accompanying products meant to complete the cycle.

A friend in the Fish Barbecue business revealed some inside secrets to me as I investigated further; the average profit on each served fish barbecue is 100%!!

 I mean 100%!

Can you beat that?!

That's an effective money doubler right there, not the "scam investments" we often fall easily for.

Let me illustrate what this means in simple numbers; if it takes N2,000 to buy, sauce and barbecue a single fish, then the expected sales price would be at least N4,000.

Depending on the location and the packaging from the bar, the profit can rise as high as 150% and in some cases can fall a little below 100%

In the bar we visited, on a normal day, outside of weekends and festive days, the average number of customers a Barbecue Bar would get is about 20 people per sitting.

So let us stretch our analogy a bit further shall we?...

Assuming our fictitious bar, which we shall call; "Fish-Power Bar" for the purpose of this illustration makes only a modest 20 sales per day at N1,000 profit each, that would still amount to a whooping N600k per month of pure profit.

Even at 10 sales per day, Fish- Power bar would still hit N300k in pure profit in a month.

And this is not all.

The beauty of it all is that this business can be done without a physical shop and with as little as N50k as capital.

Do you want to know how I know this much about the business?

It is because I tested my Thesis during the Christmas season that same year; I started and ran my own version of Fish-Power with no shop and a seed capital of N30k.

In 7 days, I made over N80k in pure profit.

So this is not an estimate, I actually had to put some skin in the game to prove my thesis of the business viability.

Think about this for a second.

How many businesses can you start with N30,000 as a novice and make over N80,000 in pure profits within 7 working days?

For the purpose of clarity; pure profit refers to all the money made after you have recouped and subtracted your capital.

In other words, it doesn't account for the capital which you have already made back.

Now to the main gist:

 The success of the business for me boiled down to two major secrets:

  • Identify a business that helps people solve a particular problem

    It is my secret strategy that I have adopted and practiced every time I discover a new business opportunity.

    These strategies are documented in my book; Print Money from Home. (You will be able to get it for a highly discounted price)

     For every business opportunity I see, I simply and religiously go through the NECST commandments I outlined in my book to see if the opportunity can stand the test or not.

  • But that is not all…

  • I also created a genius marketing method that helps you convert your audience fast no matter what business you do and that helps you sell the hell outta it using the social media.

    This was so evident in my latest experiment because 50% of my revenue came in through social media organic sales.

    The truth is that every business will prosper if the right marketing tactics are employed and that is why I am sharing this piece with you.

    Now let me let you in on a secret magic:

If I had applied these same simple principles on another business other than the Fish-Barbecue business, I would have still have had a similar result.

All I need to do is to analyze the opportunity and create a compelling advertisement using the social media.

Does that sound simple to you?

Well, yeah, it should because that is actually simple.

All you just need to do is to read the book, master the secret principles and you will find it easy to apply.

And the beautiful thing is…?

It works 100% of the time

Big Offer: what are you to pay to have access to this book?

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Well, the catch is that I’m running a limited Facebook ad campaign, valentine edition and once this Ad is gone, the money goes back to N5000.

This book, titled Print Money from Home, is a 65-page book. So you can finish it within 40 minutes.

The book will show you:

  • The TEKEL Syndrome: why you should and how to avoid this syndrome in your personal approach towards business.

  • NECST commandments: Explains the dynamics of the Need, Entry, Control, Scale and Time and the role they each play on the outcome of a business.

  • Hot and every-growing online business niches you can do as a Nigerian, with minimal investments and still rack in hundreds of thousands of Naira.

The book is written for:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to make more money online but do not know which niche or product format to use.

  • Entrepreneurs who are finding it hard to get their product-market fit.

  • Anyone who wants to gain objective knowledge on workable business principles in Nigeria.

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